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We have worked with PCs, servers, networks and other
projects over the past 25 years, including several years at leading edge corporations, in small startups, small home based businesses, and homes.

As a small business owner myself, I know that its rarely a good idea to try to wear all of the hats at the same time. We all tend to do a great job in an area that we love, but there are naturally some areas that really bog us down and sap our energy.

Call ‘Your Computer Guy’,
so you can focus on your business and your area of expertise.

Assessing Your Computer Needs

  • Are your existing computer systems slowing you down?
  • Is your computer driving you crazy?
  • Are there capabilities that you wish you had but you're not sure how to obtain?
  • Do you really ‘need’ that newest technology on the market ... or not?
  • Are you trying to work within a tight budget?

Malware (Virus, Trojan, etc.) Management

  • Are you wondering how to protect your system from virus invasion when the threat is continually changing?
  • We can show you what products to use, or not, the exact steps to take to protect your system and how often you need to use them.

Disaster Planning

  • Do you have your critical information backed-up?
  • What would happen to your business in the event of a catastrophic system crash?
  • We can help you implement a back-up plan that is easy to use and will protect your valuable information.


  • Are there computer tasks you would like to learn?
  • Are you and your employees getting the most out of your systems?
  • Do you have some computer questions that have been bothering you?

Upgrade vs. New System?

  • Would you like to know if your current system can be upgraded inexpensively to give you the capabilities that you need? Or, if it is time to go for a whole new system? Either way we can help you do what's best for your business.
  • Hardware: Do you really need the latest and greatest?  Would you like to find less expensive alternatives?
  • Software: Is it time to upgrade operating systems or other software?
  • Networks: Do you want to connect several systems together or share a printer?

Internet Assistance

  • Do you need help with your internet connection?
  • Do you have a firewall to protect your system from attack?

Call Your Computer Guy at 503-846-0825
for a "no obligation" consultation appointment.

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